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Product Prices
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Sycip Designs Rally Style Triple Outlet Muffler (ceramic coated & comes with our new stainless CNC machined caps), 911 (1965-73) =  $1350.00

Sycip Designs 911R Rain Shield Set, for Weber or PMO carbs  = $249.00

Sycip Designs Decklid Lightweight Grill/Screen, each, 911/912 (1965-89)  =  $175.00 

Sycip Designs Horn Grill Lightweight Screens, pair, 911/912 (1965-73) = $100.00

Sycip Designs Thru-the-Horn Grill Fog Light Bracket SWB, pair w/ hardware, 911/912 (1965-68) = $110.00

Sycip Designs Thru-the-Horn Grill Fog Light Bracket LWB, pair w/ hardware, 911(1969-73) = $110.00

*NEW stainless CNC machined muffler caps.  These caps can be bought separately with T-handle pin.  The outer cap can be used for customers who customize there own mufflers and need to cover up the third side outlet.  This side cap fits danks sport muffler. = $69.00 each w/ T-handle pin

Note: Rear grill screens and Front horn grill screen = out of stock




All Prices are subject to change without notice
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